MAM- Maroc Artist Meeting

Marrakech Morocco

MAM is an encounter open to professional artists, both Moroccan and international, seeking to engage with their lived environments and artistic practice in a critical way.

MAM provides a platform to exchange, and reflect on individual and collective
initiatives, through artistic work and critical discussions. It encourages intuitive decision-making and awareness in communication.

MAM is allowing an encounter beyond geographical, political, national borders.

MAM is motivated to reflect on the role of artists and artistic work inside different
social and cultural environments.

MAM is an open and flexible project, in which each artist can find space and time to
investigate his/her own current interests.

MAM doesn't provide a fix program, but a framework for collaborative work in order to discover new formats and their potential contents - through practice as well as in theoretical discourse.

MAM is about active participation and co-organization. It gives the possibility to
discover creative means of self-empowerment and gives space for the development of
a social consciousness and participative leadership.

MAM seeks highly motivated artists who are able to work independently within a group setting. Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the residency program – including performing arts, visual arts, street arts, applied arts, music and literature.