Managed Petroleum Group

There are many projects every single year in the oil and gas industry that essentially go unfunded. This is because investors do not find them to be attractive enough propositions. There is, after all, some risk involved when investing in any project. However, in the oil and gas industry there certainly seems to be less at risk. Why is this? Because the oil and gas industry seems to remain afloat, even while other industries go into free-fall. For example, during the recent recession there were many fields where investors lost heaps of money. But in the case of the oil and gas industry, the losses were pretty modest. Regardless of how bad the economy is, oil and gas is pretty much an essential commodity.

Investing in oil and gas projects through Managed Petroleum Group is not a safe bet—no investments are. But it is a safer bet than most. Managed Petroleum Group does everything in their power to ensure that their investors will be happy with the outcome. Managed Petroleum Group is currently involved in projects all over the Southern and Midwestern United States. This includes projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and even California. Managed Petroleum Group is involved in four different kinds of projects: existing well reconditioning, infill/development drilling, new location drilling, and the acquisition and development fund. Each of these project types all have unique and important purposes.

Managed Petroleum Group aims to provide maximum return on investment for their investors. This means applying newer technologies to their plans in order to keep costs and risk down while increasing chances of profits. It also means diversifying the types of projects they are involved with and taking a conservative investment approach. Managed Petroleum Group wants to limit risk in order to protect their investors.