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Becoming a legitimate resident of Indonesia requires that you follow their migration principles. You can help to reduce the chances of being refused entry into the country by abiding by these rules.

The Indonesia Health Alert Card is needed to be filled with entry to the Indonesian territory by foreign travelers. The eHAC is designed from the Indonesian Ministry of Health and has been designed to assist keep tabs on possible CO VID-19 contagious diseases moving to and across the nation. The virus is highly contagious and can easily be moved by touching an area that has been affected by being in contact with the waste products of this disease. Since the disease is highly contagious, all traffic, from countries other than Indonesia ought to know about the requirement to have one. By doing so, they will not be at risk when they do come in contact with the disease themselves.

When wanting to acquire an Indonesia health alert card, there are lots of things that a traveler must search for before visiting an Indonesian airport. Among the things to search for is whether the nation has a recognized national ID number. In order to utilize the eHIC, travelers will need either their present passport number or a photo ID, such as a driver's permit. If travelers cannot establish their identity, a passport number is not required to get the eHIC.