Manish Reddy


  • Product Manager at
  • Worked previously at LurnQ, ABB
  • IIT Bombay '13 Alumni, Chemical Engineer
  • Passionate about Startups, Products and Design (Portfolio on Behance)
  • Self taught designer. Rookie Web developer. (Learned HTML, CSS, Javascript & Python)
  • Love football. Have been a Chelsea fan since 2009 Also a FIFA freak! Think you can challenge me? Bring it on!!
  • My music playlist consists of The Beatles, AC/DC, Coldplay and Eminem. Discovering more on Spotify these days
  • Started reading books actively these days (Goodreads Profile). Currently reading Songs of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows
  • Work
    • LurnQ
    • ABB
  • Education
    • IIT Bombay