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Mannoj Kumar Jain born on 4 Jan, 1975 is an expert in laparoscopic surgery and known for his expert hands. He has been the president of NGO and the board member of the International society of gynecological endoscopists. He completed his Masters in Gynaecology from Bombay University( Now Mumbai University) and obtained diploma in gynecological endoscopy from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA. After years of service, he was awarded Post Doctorate Clinical Fellowship in Endoscopy from the Royal Free Hospital, London.

He has registered his name in Guinness World Record for twice, the first one he got for laparoscopically removal of 3.4 kgs fibroid, the largest till now and the second is for laparoscopical removal of 4.1 kgs uterus, the heaviest one.

Mannoj Kumar Jain has joined International Marathon 4 times and run 42.195 kms. every time. He has made 600 gynecological endoscopic specialists comprehensively. He has organized workshops and training programs in 12 countries and 60 urban areas in India. He has published numbers of scientific publications in international index journals.

He is a brilliant motivational speaker and mind controlling master. With his experience in endoscopy, he provides new facets to the treatment. He is a former President of Club of Bombay, Bandra.

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