Manoj Kumar K

Software Engineer, Writer, and Tester in Sydney, Australia

An open source enthusiast

★ MemberSeleniumHQ

★ Over 7 + years of experience in Selenium test automation. I have been a part of Selenium community since 2010.

★ Co-Author of selenium documentation. Have contributed to few chapters in the official Selenium documentation at SeleniumHQ

★ International speaker, workshop tutor and organizer at the Flagship Selenium conference

★ Contributed to the tools below:






Worked on tools like Selenium 1.0, Selenium 2.0, Soap UI Pro, Sikuli, Sahi, cucumber, cucumberjs, Jbehave, Serenity, Appium, Robotium, Espresso, Protractor, XCUITest and more...

Editor-In-Chief of Selenium blog AssertSelenium

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