Manoj Khanna

Consultant in Manhattan, New York

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“I cannot prevent the wind from blowing, but I can adjust my sails to make it work for me.” - Code of the Order of Isshin-Ryu As an Agile Coach, Consultant and Trainer, I help companies navigate the sometimes choppy waters of Agile development through strategic consulting, training, coaching and mentoring. I show project teams how to avoid pitfalls, maximize productivity and develop effective solutions to deliver maximum business value. An expert in Agile development, I can show you effective and more efficient ways to optimize Agile software development processes and client satisfaction. A big part of what I do is showing your company's project leaders and team members where to begin, how to plan, and how to predict and measure outcomes in a sometimes confusing environment. In my free time, my interests are focused on the arts, the environment, and science and technology. I also volunteer at the Taproot Foundation and as a PSC tutor.

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