Manos Karaiskakis

Project & Product Manager and Web Developer in Limassol, Cyprus

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I have been developing web sites since 2003 when I started a simple and yet modern site for a family business. Since then things have gotten a little better... :-)

I have finished my Bachelor Degree and worked for companies in the UK and Cyprus; from Project Management, Database Development & Data Analysis to Web & Mobile development.
I now work and live in Limassol Cyprus where I’m happily married and surrounded by good friends. I currently work for easyMarkets. When I'm not at work or busy with the family I work on some freelance projects with friends.

My personal focus is on Project & Product Management as well as server side programming i.e. PHP & MySQL and iPhone Development. However programming is more about understanding the logic of process than the specific language you create it with. A web site, like any advertisement for a business, is a communication channel to your customers. If you want to effectively communicate with people your web site should be Accessible, Usable and Interactive.

It is only once you combine all of these three things into a single product that you will have an effective website. I strive to bring this unity to every project.