Mansour Tawafi

Public Speaking and Leadership Expert in London, UK

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Mansour Tawafi is a London-based public speaking and leadership expert who has nearly a decade of experience in providing inspirational and educational speeches and seminars to people in the UK.

Mansour grew up in a village in the Netherlands after migrating from Afghanistan. Here is where he spent his primary school age. He was a vocal student and had a special love of presenting in class. He participated in a poetry competition at the age of 8, and his experience sparked a love of being on stage. A few years later he earned an award for his time on stage in a cultural event, and at the age of 14, he made it to the semi-finals of the Jack Petchey National speaking challenge. He was proud of his talent, as well as the hard work he put into his speaking opportunities.

Mansour Tawafi’s family left the Netherlands in 2006, moving to London for secondary school and sixth form. In his teenage years, he took a more academic approach to his speaking, spending much of his time learning more about the art of public speaking throughout history. He felt pushed to take on a more ‘academic’ career and started university at University College London in 2013. As he started, he joined with ACN, a company that provides telecommunications, energy, merchant services, and other services, through a network of independent sellers who also can recruit other sellers. He discovered a career that he felt was much more fulfilling than academics, and dropped out of his degree after his first year.

His career has followed an astronomic path since then, finding work in innovative and lucrative markets. Mansour Tawafi worked in cryptocurrency for a time, and in 2018 he founded AuLives, a Network Marketing company. Today he continues to serve as the company’s VP of Sales. Following up on his success in founding AuLives he helped co-found TecLabs Software Solutions, which relies on a fleet of technicians and developers to tailor the software to clients’ small- and mid-sized business needs. His most recent venture is OKAIZO, a health and wellness company with big plans for revolutionizing personal health.