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We are one of the most trusted business finance lenders in the industry to offer the best working capital solutions for small businesses.

What Can a Capital Funding Company Do?
Capital funding companies exist for just this type of situation. They are able to provide funds to small and micro businesses in a very short period of time, sometimes in less than a week. A capital funding company like Mantis Funding reviews all aspects of your business. They look at your revenue stream, your business model, how you handle your revenue, what you do to reinvest in your company and your customer base.

Once they have reviewed your business they will decide if you represent a good risk for a Mantis Funding cash advance. If you are accepted, they will work out the repayment terms with you and once the contracts are signed, they deposit the funds in your bank account within hours. The business owner is then back in business with the funds they need to continue to operate.

What Is Good News?
The good news for a small business is that there exists what is called a capital funding company. These companies, like Mantis funding, specialize in helping micro and small businesses get the funds they need when they are having a rough time. If you contact them you could be eligible for a Mantis funding cash advance. This is what funding companies do.