Manuel Forjaz


born in mozambique. high school in S. João do Estoril. 8 years amazinggly funny at Católica. marrying. José Maria 91, António Maria 93. fast track to the corporate top. entrepreneur for 15 years. beat cancer 2010. beat cancer 2012, still fighting. studied african studies, leadership, social entrepreneruship, marketing, media, personl +branding

Curious, generous, resilient, informed, connected. Born in Mozambique in 63, 2 beautiful kids; Degree in Economics at UCP, Post-Grad. in African Studies at ISCTE; Harvard KSG and Insead EE courses; helped launching entrepreneurship programs in ANJE from 97 to 2007; build Pais Protectores in 2000; founded IES in 2008; host of; TIAGW project mentor; wrote "A Bela Belmiro e Empreendedores", researched "Portuguese Young Entrepreneur Profile" in 2004; public speaker (marketing, sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, personal branding) - TEDx. Ignite, Switch, Smart, ANJE and corporations; teacher at NOVA SBE Masters, UCP Porto, EMBA ISCTE, Marketing Masters ISEG; weird destinations traveller (Burundi, Surinam, Albania, North Korea, Chernobyl and Iraq next); entrepreneur with several businesses launched or coached ( Ideiateca Consultores under re-struturing); so far surviving lung cancer since 2010;

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