Mara Gulens

Writer and Editor in Toronto

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Hey there!

I’m Mara, and to be honest, I’d rather be penning YOUR About Me page than tackling my own.

Writing and editing is my craft and passion. Even when I’m out walking the dog, you can find me thumb-typing juicy quotes on my iPhone or feverishly typing in an idea I have for a client.

I collect story ideas and facts like ingredients for a recipe… except that the final dish is an article, blog or social media post.

For 30 years, I’ve been writing about topics in tech, finance and health. My stories have been published in Chatelaine, The Globe and Mail and The Medical Post.

I’ve been editor of two Microsoft web portals, the Canada Computes family of publications, and the award-winning Certified Management Accountants magazine.

Most recently, my work on the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada's dynamic e-newsletter was recognized by the Association Media & Publishing and the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

My TV work includes hosting Sveiks on Rogers’ OMNI, and guest spots on Tech TV’s Call for Help. I have a BA in English and Art History from the University of Toronto, and an MA in Baltic Languages from the University of Stockholm.

I have a proven track record of writing, creating, leading and pushing boundaries in communication. I work with my clients to bring their stories and business to life in a strategic way that both meets their goals and entertains audiences.

When I’m not packaging stories and ideas, you’ll find me hiking, or painting with watercolours. I love dark chocolate! I’ve survived a brain injury and a pandemic (so far!) – two life-changing events that have taught me a lot about overcoming challenges.

If you’d like more information about my writing and editing services, please contact me: bizmara at gmail dot com.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Mara Gulens