Marai Kiele

Liberating Your Co-Creative Genius in Berlin, Deutschland

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Being told she is obsessed with personal evolution, Marai admits: She is fascinated by the possibility of millions of people around the globe evolving...

... into being loving and collaborative (instead of fearful and competitive)

... into an experience of 100% responsibility (instead of blaming each other).

... into being creative and expressing the beauty of what’s inside of them (instead of fitting in and making a living with work they don’t care about)

Dedicated to helping people transition from “living from mind” to “living from soul”, she sees herself as part of a global movement; a movement of transformation agents.

This may sound like a strange opening, but alignment in purpose is crucial for any successful collaboration. So if you think, “She’s a weirdo!” It's probably better not to communicate. Unless that's what your business needs ;-) If you think, “Wow, that might fit with what I need!" Start the conversation.

Through her own intense journey and her continious quest for living her truth, she has become a resource for people who wish to create meaningful work and opportunities for Holistic Prosperity.

As a catalyst for business evolution she is devoted to contributing to organisations where people produce great results. Together. And have fun doing so. Often.

Teams where everyone can be their best self and provide great service to others--to her, that is the business of the future. And it will attract the highest motivated people we can imagine.

Will it be easy, fast, and require no effort?
Not always. At times, it will ask everything of us.
Will it be worth-while?
She believes: Yes. It’s going to be a highly satisfying journey. For those who's heart is leading them.

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