Marai Kiele

Liberating Joy at Work in Bielefeld, Germany

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Marai is fascinated by the possibility of people around the globe being liberated...

... into being creative and expressing the awesome skills inside of them (instead of fitting in and making a living with work they don’t care about)

... into collaborating with each other from a place of mutual caring (instead of "what's in it for me?")

... into an experience of 100% responsibility (instead of blaming each other and giving away their power).

Seeing herself as part of a global movement of transformation agents, she supports leaders with the aspiration to transform their organisations.

Leaders who seek to serve business outcomes, people and purpose at the same time. She has identified joy as a key factor for success.

To support international collaboration she initiated and co-hosts the montly online-salon Global Oasis for Emerging Leaders.

While currently located in Germany, her business is international. She mixes personal contact, online faciliation & training, mentoring via Zoom, audio messaging and writing with laughing as much as possible for a wholesome work experience.

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