Marai Kiele

Joyfully thriving together in Bielefeld, Germany

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What if…? People around the world were liberated...

- to be creative and express their unique skills (instead of fitting in and making a living);

- to collaborate with each other from a place of enoughness and mutual caring (instead of scarcity and me first);

- to take full responsibility and accountability (instead of blaming each other and giving away one's power).

There is a global movement towards connected, wholesome living & working, which fills my heart with joy.

That's what I serve.

My zone of genius is my playfulness; I have identified joy as a key factor for genuine relating and collaborating.

While currently located in Germany, joyful together operates internationally.

Personal contact is the best, isn't it? However, online faciliation done skillfully and playfully, is almost as good!

I love setting up mentoring spaces, combining personal & online meetings with audio messaging & texting - all with as much laughter and play as possible - for a wholesome co-creative experience.

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