Marc Dumont

Professional Leader in Alberta, Canada

Alberta’s Marc Dumont is a bilingual English and French, personable and professional leader who is adept at working with numerous stakeholders to achieve goals.

With a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Alberta, he is able to maintain keen focus on projects and is incredibly skilled at organization and prioritization. He has decided to focus his career on environmental monitoring and wetland restoration, primarily specializing in beaver-human conflict mitigation.

In that pursuit, Marc has earned his Environmental Monitoring Certificate through the University of Northern British Columbia, attained his certification as a drone pilot, completed his Alberta Trappers’ Association Standard Trappers’ Education Course, and is currently working toward his graduation and Beaver Institute Professional Training Certificate of Completion from the Beaver Institute, in order to become a professional beaver control specialist.

When he becomes a Beaver Institute graduate and joins the Beaver Corps, he will be prepared to do site visits and assessments and be able to introduce a number of creative solutions to landowner issues, including the use of exclusion fencing, flow devices and removal. In addition to an understanding of conflict mitigation methods, he is also gaining an in-depth understanding of beaver behavior and habitat, and their roles in nature. All of this knowledge will help him protect properties while fostering the integrity of watersheds.

To be able to generate effective measures for property owners while minimizing the loss of life to beavers and maximizing the health of lakes, rivers and streams is something he finds incredibly rewarding.

Like all great paths in life, Marc’s initial introduction to the plight of beavers and landowners was quite by accident – the actions of beavers on his property required professional intervention. While some landowners might be tempted to simply remove and/or exterminate the creatures, Marc was inspired to find a creative solution. This quest ultimately propelled him down this fascinating career path.

He is thrilled at the prospect of protecting property, wildlife and water.