Marc Dangeard

Consultant and Entrepreneur in Quimper, France

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Founder at Entreco

Marc is an Entrepreneur and a Network Weaver. He’s the kind of partner every entrepreneur is looking for - an experienced, informed, sounding board who values family and quality of life equally with business success. As someone who has been integral in creating, growing and selling businesses, he understands the entrepreneurial process.

With degrees in both Engineering and Business Management, Marc leveraged his knowledge in both fields to start and manage an innovative eCommerce business in 1995. Oracle saw the potential of his company and hired him to Project Manage several products, such as iStore and iSupport. His role expanded to include the Oracle China Development Center where he led international teams in developing Cloud computing products.

Marc moved back to France in 2014 where he co-founded Codexo, now Document Genome to help organizations manage the data hidden in their PDF documents.

Marc then moved on to projects related to blockchain technology. He also started investigating how quantum physics can be used to improve day-to-day life.

Marc is now working as a consultant through Entreco -

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