Marc A Reyes

Student, Researcher, and Instructor in Windham, Connecticut

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Hello, my name is Marc Reyes and I am a history doctoral student at the University of Connecticut. I study U.S. foreign relations history with an emphasis on the United States and its interactions – diplomatically, economically, culturally – with India. My emerging dissertation investigates how science, particularly Americans’ confidence in modern science, affected U.S.-Indian relations during the Cold War. This work reveals a complex and contested dynamic at work between two of the world’s leading democracies. My scholarship contributes to literature on the state building of independent India and the United States’ attempts to influence such developments.

My work has received support from the history departments and graduate schools of the University of Connecticut and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In addition, I have won funding from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations and the American Society of Environmental History. I have presented at local, state, and national conferences. I have assisted courses that examined U.S. history, human rights in Latin America, nationalism in Southeast Asia, and the political and religious histories of the Middle East. Besides teaching, writing, and research experience, my historical training includes archival work and a growing interest in digital humanities with the aspiration of incorporating more technology into my teaching and research.

I am happy to talk, so please contact me. Click the link to my profile on the UConn department of history's website or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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