Marc Correra

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in New York, NY

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With more than two decades of experience as a software developer, Marc Correra started his career at First Boston Corporation where he quickly became one of the youngest vice-presidents in the firms history. His work there focused on designing systems that would seek advantages in markets by arbitraging the the differences between US stocks and the futures market. He later relocated to Hermosa Beach, California, to become the head of Sandia Asset Management's quantitative trading team. During his tenure at Sandia, Marc Correra developed software that featured state-of-the-art trading pattern generator that utilized proprietary derivations.

In 1998, Marc Correra left Sandia Asset Management to start a new online enterprise,, a trail-blazing website that featured the Internet's first successful implementation of a futures exchange. With community features that anticipated today's social networks, allowed for betting on everything from Hollywood box office totals to major sports events, utilizing in-game money that could be redeemed for cash prizes. After building the website from the ground up, Marc Correra oversaw daily operations at the company while it experienced explosive growth. By 2000, the website had 500,000 players winning up to $10,000 in cash per month while providing 170 million page views for advertisers.

In 2003 he returning to the financial roots and founded L2 Capital Management, a hedge fund that focuses on using machine learning and neural algorithms designed to seek out inefficiencies in the U.S. equities markets. L2 Capital has been consistently produced outstanding risk adjusted returns to its investors for aver 15 years. As president, Marc Correra has guided the company in developing profitable short-term trading strategies utilizing proprietary algorithms as well as providing oversight for internal controls and compliance issues.

  • Work
    • L2 Capital Management
  • Education
    • Boston University
    • Stuyvestant High School