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Still, the pass still attracts a fantastic number of visitors, who push up to the highway and enjoy some peace and calmness in a distant place. A number of these folks are from Western states or even Europe, who may not be knowledgeable about the Lebanese culture or streets. For them, taking the driveway on the pass is like taking a brief vacation. They simply need to pay a nominal fee and enjoy a drive that's significantly easier than travelling in the city or city to the hills.

But not all of these people want to know more about driving on the pass and just use it as a way of travelling from 1 town or city to another. For these, a vehicle rental or a ride round the neighboring regions will do. Many car rental companies have branches in all the major cities of Lebanon, such as Arsal, Beqal, Aqaba, Sidon, Haifa, Jezreel, Ras Noua and Marmaris. They cater to the requirements of their customers by providing luxurious car rentals, classic cars, sports cars, sedans, SUV's and other automobiles. At the same time, there are also car hire agencies which provide private transportation to any destination in the country.

For the majority of people travelling in this part of earth, travelling without car rentals could be a tough thing to do. Not only will you need to plan your route ahead of time, you'll also need to take all probable detours that may appear along the way. When you rent a vehicle in Lebanon, you don't need to be concerned about these things. With the support of a car hire agency, it is simple to plan your route in addition to the various routes that you need to take. You'll also get to enjoy discounts and cheaper car rentals when you book beforehand.

If you decide to drive your vehicle on the streets in Lebanon, you have to abide by specific laws and regulations. You need to drive safely and with the help of a suitable driver. It's also wise to avoid speeding, driving on public roads and drink driving. The Lebanese government can issue a fine for anybody who breaks some of the driving rules, even when you are merely going within a brief distance. Thus, it's very important that you follow all the traffic rules while driving on the streets in Lebanon.