Marci Segal, MS

Free thinking so people can create new futures, Public Speaker, and Consultant in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

My goal is to free people's thinking so they can create new futures. I'm called to speak, consult, coach, team build, and lead engaging interactive conversations leading to collaborative outcomes.

My skills include: Large and small group facilitation, personality styles and interactions, coaching for results and adeptly using research and over 30 years experience as a creativity specialist working with leaders in organizations to help them over hurdles to progress.

I created an action learning program, called Passport to Innovation TM (PTI) for executives too busy to go for training. It's an experience that embeds innovation day-to-day on the job. It is a hands on iterative experience over a period of time, including coaching, that yields phenomenal results.

For example, it helped a small media company become globally in recognized. That's what happens when you marry great folks, amazing talent and pumped up innovation and creative thinking skills.

I've written 3 books on creativity and personality type. One, the first, Creativity and Personality Type, gives people insight into the 'magic of the mind', that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Another accomplishment: Founded (in 2001) and continue to steward, World Creativity and Innovation Week, April 15 - 21. It is celebrated annually in at least 52 countries (

I love stretching people's thinking, designing engagement conversations, helping people understand themselves and others and the roles they play in organizational systems and facilitating creative problem solving sessions.

Let's talk about ways we can work together to free thinking so you can create new futures.

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