Marc Morrell

Hi, I'm Marc. I am a christian, a husband, and father to two boys.

I love to create. It's what makes me happy.

By day, I'm the owner of a print shop on Long Island, New York, and a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. We design, print and mail high quality products very quickly, and help small businesses promote themselves at levels of professionalism they never thought they could afford.

As satisfying as that is, I also write fantasy fiction and populate the World of Terrok with the stuff in my head. The setting was born as a table top role-playing game world, but after more than 25 years of steady growth, it has bloomed into a full fledged fantasy world for public consumption, complete with its own comics and prose.

At the moment, outside of the stuff I get paid for, I am concentrating on inking and lettering two comic books starring Rhemmiel dhu'Abbear, a persian flavored adventuring wizard, penciling a second Rhemmiel the Mage title, writing the Tilwenic Primer, a language glossary and phrase book that will be a companion piece to many World of Terrok stories, writing several short stories, and I'm halfway through a Rhemmiel the Mage novel.