Marco Coffen

IT Consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Marco Coffen is an all-around investor, tech strategist, and real estate developer based in Dubai.

A native Australian, he has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space for the last five years and is working to develop a crypto trading platform of his own. He has particular familiarity with bitcoin, the original crypto, which in his view is “the gold of our time,” and a “complicatedly simple” crypto that heralded the larger trend toward decentralized finance (DeFi).

Marco Coffen also remains on the cutting edge of other technological developments, especially artificial intelligence, which will impact sectors such as computing, transportation, and even pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, he is environmentally conscious and foresees a major shift in the near future toward green energy. To that end, he has business interests in electric vehicles and household waste management.

Initially immersed in property development while living in Australia, he gravitated toward IT upon moving to the UAE, a move he considered a natural progression. He sees how the world is evolving and how a company’s digital needs are crucial for every business leader.