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Marcos Ortiz

Product Marketing Manager in Havana, Cuba

Marcos Ortiz

Product Marketing Manager in Havana, Cuba

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A Data-Driven PM with a entrepreneurial soul, with a marked interest to combine Business Analytics, System Engineering and Big Data expertise to deliver cutting-edge Data-Driven platforms on top of AWS, Google Cloud Platform and other Cloud providers. A long and proud Linux user and advocate (mostly Fedora and RHEL). Cloud Computing, IaaS/PaaS and Docker embracer.

I'm interested in topics like Product Marketing, Growth Hacking, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Two-Factor Authentication, Internet Of Things, Bitcoin Security and all forms of CyberSecurity.


I´m launching a new publication (in Spanish) focused in CyberSecurity, Privacy Online, HTTPS, etc at Medium. You can read it here:

My inspiration:

My mother and my father

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    • Bachelor in Informatic Engineering