Marco Torregrossa

Workforce and Labour Markets Advisor in Brussels, Belgium

Marco Torregrossa

Workforce and Labour Markets Advisor in Brussels, Belgium

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I help organisations prepare for how work will be delivered in the future and build better workplaces.

I'm CEO at Euro Freelancers, a curated marketplace for consulting and legal services on-demand in areas related to EU policy and EU funding.

I'm Secretary General at the European Forum of Independent Professionals, a European association advocating for policy, business and society to become more conducive to the self-employed way of working.

I'm the Coordinator of European Freelancers Week, the world’s largest annual campaign celebrating independent work and helping millions of Europeans discover the Freelance Economy.

I'm a former policy officer in the EU Commission and a lawyer by training, specialised in new forms of cooperative solo-entrepreneurship, management of distributed workforce, digital work on platforms and the impacts of flexible labor regulations on the future of work.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been leading government relations and advocacy efforts, advising policymakers on the issues that one-person businesses and their ecosystem face. The focus is on better understanding how changes in our economy and society are impacting work, and what public policy approaches can help workers and businesses adjust and succeed in this evolving environment.

I advise companies, large and small, on how to rethink the way they staff their projects and flexibilise their workforce. Through masterclasses I coach SMEs to build, scale and govern their own non-employees platforms and create digital marketplaces focused on services provided by contingent workers.

Passionate about how freelancers in the platform economy and blockchain decentralised cryptonetworks can disrupt work, markets and regulations. I serve on 2 EU experts groups, 1 WEF experts network, wrote over 250 articles, was quoted in major publications and I frequently keynote on the subject (including TEDxMoscow 2015 and TEDxLeuven 2014), always thriving at the intersections of policy, HR and technology.

I've been named by PR News the most creative practitioner in public affairs in 2014 and by the Eurasia Foundation global leader in 2013.

I’ve served in the United Nations Peacekeeping Program as a Blue Helmet (civilian personnel) for the Office of Mission Support in Eritrea and I'm a certified first aider with the Italian Red Cross.

As of 1 December 2016, I am an e-Resident of Estonia and practically, a digital nomad.

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