Marcus Abundis

Researcher in Aarau, Switzerland

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Since Feb. 2012 – Living near Aarau, Switzerland, from Santa Cruz, CA (USA).

MY PROJECT began as studying human creativity, blind to a fact that to ‘crack code’ on creativity drives all modeling (religion, art, science, etc.). Our cultural ecology now has myriad psychological artifacts made into useful material/social forms – where few of us are truly creative, but rather abide adaptive gains. My project thus maps human and Natural creativity, to develop Super-Intelligence as an adaptive ‘insight engine’ for human innovation and discovery.

FORMAL TERMS: I note a priori informatic views with Shannon Information Theory (signal entropy) as a likely ‘mother of all models’. First, Shannon omits a ‘theory of meaning’ (TOM), which I correct. Second, I add adaption to that TOM, to show human and Natural creativity. Lastly, regular and adaptive functions detail all evolutionary trees – as general evolutionary dynamics. I thus name first principles and functional cores for a true ‘mother of all models’. This contrasts to ‘brute force’ statistical views (modern AI) with massive data sets. My work synthesizes Shannon entropy, Korzybski's abstraction, Bateson's differences, and Darwinian selection to frame 21st century informatic vistas.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 20 years in varied high-tech roles (1st generation industrial robots, computer systems analysis, early hedge funds, 3rd generation robots, data encryption, medical technologies); finally managing the European market for a key technology enabling the Internet explosion. My later work is as an independent researcher, due to a lack of graduate programs studying practical creativity.

EDUCATION: BS cum laude, Cal Poly (Finance & Quantitative Methods); MBA, UCLA (Finance & Info. Systems); Graduate Facilitator (interpersonal dynamics) at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business; two years at Esalen Institute as a work scholar/seminarian; and extensive autodidactic studies.

PERSONAL HISTORY starts in the Maravilla projects of East Los Angeles. Second oldest in an Hispanic family of nine children (six sisters), I found initial success in LA's suburbs. Many years were later spent between LA and the SF Bay Area, but I also resided in Europe. I am a dual USA/EU (Netherlands) citizen; multi-lingual, single, and with no children.

OTHER INFO: 5 Minute Overview (videos), my Latest Talk, and OtherTalks where I presented, Technical Papers, a Brief CV, and my LinkedIn profile.

  • Education
    • UCLA, Anderson School of Management
    • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
    • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona CA