Marcus Hinds

Great Lakes Region

Marcus Hinds is an entrepreneur and a critical thinker. He has been dubbed by many of his peers and colleagues as an unconventional inventor, who always finds solutions to problems that arise.
As an Engineering Information Analyst, he combines his knowledge of maps, building science, energy management and engineering education from the University of Toronto, to manage energy and create engineering specific thematic maps for a number of industries. He has worked on a number of projects over his career span, which gained him valuable skills and qualities. These skills include Self Management, Leadership, Project Management, Information/Data Management and Analytical skills. He has also provided large and small organizations like Minto Properties Group Incorporated, the City of Toronto, Emera Incorporated (Barbados), Enbridge Pipelines Inc. and others with valuable solutions that genuinely solve problems. Marcus has also had the chance to apply his skills globally, having worked with South American companies, North American companies and some also based in the Caribbean.

Marcus has also written several articles for industry magazines, which are widely distributed. These include GoGeomatics Canada, The Canadian Spatial Times and ReNew Canada. He grew up in a family of real estate developers and entrepreneurs, which polished his business skills. As an Executive ToastMasters International member, he also practices constant improvement on his leadership skills.

  • Work
    • Consultant
  • Education
    • The University of Toronto