Marcus K. Dowling

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Marcus K. Dowling is a journalist, broadcaster, and entrepreneur born, raised and currently residing in Washington, DC.

As a writer, Marcus' words have appeared online and in print for a plethora of outlets including VICE, Pitchfork, GRAMMY, Complex, Bandcamp, Mixmag, DJ Mag, the Washington City Paper and many more.

As an entrepreneur, he's had a role in concept development for Decades, a retro-themed four-story nightclub in downtown Washington, DC. Also, he's assisted with the expansion of global online radio stations, music industry PR firms, management groups, startup websites, and DC-based event and culture brand One Love Massive

Furthermore his expertise has also allowed him to work alongside Red Bull, Mastercard, Al Jazeera and others, plus be quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Billboard Magazine.

Once known as the Editor-in-Chief of top hip-hop brand Brooklyn Bodega's website and a contributor at Myspace (as well as other positions), Dowling's work is also now published locally in DC for On Tap Magazine and DC-based megablog Brightest Young Things.

Sitting comfortably at the confluence of the underground and mainstream, Marcus is a caring provocateur concerned with social advocacy and ensuring that society progresses in a safe, yet spectacular manner. Obsessed with history, appreciative of the present and loving the future, he's a creator, curator and innovator living in a wild new age.