Maree Brogden

the Life-Arts in New Zealand

Maree Brogden

the Life-Arts in New Zealand

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Bringing the Arts to the Psychological therapies.

I am a registered health professional who integrates the Arts into health practice. I refer to this practice as the Life-Arts or "living the arts".

Synesthesia, assimilation or living knowledge, evidences a creative life-arts process. This is where the Life-Arts expression may also include the literal arts.

In this process, the practitioner's art is the facilitation of a psychotherapeutic methodology that provides an opportunity for the participant to make meaning of their own and other life events.

Multimodal and intermodal treatment approaches facilitate a learning process that may create change.

I provide treatment methods for you to consider what it is that you need or want to know about, to progress in your life.

An exploration of life content can occur through a simple process of externalisation. Through an exploration of the heuristic content that we create, we can also learn new self-knowledge.

With therapeutic intention, the dance, a drawing, painting and/or the poetry of a written story contribute to a process of the Life-Arts. Creating with the literal arts as a part of this process will produce a live artefact and a documentation of the event.

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    • 2014: Acrylic, golden leaf
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    • M.A. 1st Hons Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design