valentina margaria


Science and innovation are a mixture of method, creativity and imagination. The ability to see beyond the boundaries and catch new details.

Valentina graduated in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Torino in 2003. She has worked on cancer molecular mechanisms at the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment until 2007, when she earned a Ph.D. in Complex system applied to post-genomic biology.

As the result of her multidisciplinary training, she led the BioMEMS unit at Techfab Srl working on the convergence between biotechnology and nanotechnology to design innovative system for cells analysis and powerful tools for drug testing.

In 2010, she graduated from the Singularity University, at NASA Ames Research Park, whose mission is to deal with, and solve, humanity’s Grand Challenges using new developing technologies. The experience she had in Silicon Valley led up to the foundation of Axelera, a non for profit organization whose aim is to promote Italian technological innovation.

Currently, she is working at Center for Space Human Robotics IIT@poliTO developing artificial physiology systems to support the interaction between humans and robots. Her research is specifically devoted to hand exoskeleton to enhance and facilitate human’s activity.

Passionate about Bioart, she started to investigate the interaction between science and art exploring sonification as a new communication tool.

Since 2011, she is young associate at NewTO, a think-tank that promotes meritocracy as a key driver for social and economic renovation.

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    • Medical Biotechnology