maria canabal

Copenhagen, Paris, Madrid

Maria Canabal is a Trends Hunter who lives in Paris, Madrid and Copenhagen.

She writes about #food, #travel and #lifestyle for the world-renowed magazines MONOCLE, ÃPICIUS, GOURMET, and for The world's 50 Best Restaurants Blog.

She curates influential Events all over the world and she has a large network of chefs and key influencers in Europe, USA, Australia and South-America.

Maria lived and worked in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and she is fluent in 5 languages.


- 2010 and 2011 member of the jury for the tittle of "BEST SOMMELIER OF SPAIN".


- 2011 "St. John Literature Award".

  • Education
    • Ph. D. Business Law (Université Toulouse I)
    • Master in Food Journalism (Universidad Complutense)
    • Course in Nordic Food Diet (Copenhagen University)