Marian Bonelli

Supportworker Live In in Spain

Marian Bonelli

Supportworker Live In in Spain

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I have a varied and expansive career history, and that is only so far.. Lately as a Live-In support worker, supporting people to continue to live on in their own homes, to the best of their abilities. Providing full care and support.

Full past experience of domiciliary care, for seniors, disabled, and learning disabilities.

And, I am also an editor and publisher for others, and a writer in my own right! My Novella The Master, I published using an alias! I really should have used my own name as the secret is out and I am left with a split personality! So who is s Teresa Patrick after all?

My newest book is a biography about my step father Dennis C Randall, he was a brilliant artist, restorer and cabinet maker.

Please check it out and see for yourselves!

I am an avid Blogger, and have been for many years now, I have three Blogs, a more personal one on my life in general, one on the books I have worked on and finally a virtual art gallery!

I am trying my hand at VidBlog... will be posted on my personal Blog page.

That didn't pan out as they say, a one off try.. I couldn't listen to it!

I now also have a t-shirt store, a funny slogans store, and am an all out promotor of a varied selection of items for others and myself.

Then there is Facebook, Linkedin, my YouTube uploads... Lastly and by no means least I must not forget Twitter!

I think maybe I fear being forgotten!