marianna zaslavsky

New York

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My first start-up was in fifth grade.

I noticed my parents clipping coupons for boring things like household cleaner. I thought, gee, kids should be able to clip coupons for what they want and save as well.

I started selling pre-clipped coupons for ice cream, name it... at 5 cents a pop. On a 10 cents off coupon, my margin was 50%. Not bad for a fifth grader.

Since then, I've attended COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL, was an InSITE Fellow, spent time in Venture Capital at AOL VENTURES and BAIN CAPITAL VENTURES and in management consulting at BAIN & CO. and made a career in the amazing world of startups, technology and innovation at companies like HOOKLOGIC and EYEVIEW.


1) Launches & Innovation: spanning the entire innovation system from idea generation & business plans to new product development to commercialization & launch strategy (product, marketing, partnerships, sales).

2) Internal Process Improvement: solving problems around communications, procedure and hand-offs especially for sales / account management / customer success / ops / product management.

I have a consulting practice working with companies of all stages and sizes called ZAZZER CONSULTING and I am currently in the process of working on some new and exciting ventures that solve big problems.

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