Marie-France Dayan

Montreal, Qc Canada

Marie-France Dayan is a successful businesswoman who draws on her experience and natural mentoring skills to reignite the passion of business owners and entrepreneurs. She has helped dozens of individuals to live more fulfilling, more financially rewarding, and more globally minded lives.

Marie-France Dayan’s coaching breaks down internal barriers that limit ultimate success in four key areas: finances & career; faith; fitness & health, and family & relationships.

“I didn’t know what to expect…but in the end I felt a renewed energy and clarity on my life’s vision,” says Jeffrey E., one of Marie-France Dayan’s clients. “The walls I used to see are replaced by open doors.”

Marie-France Dayan blends her two primary career paths into a unique, yet cohesive coaching approach. She is a successful real estate investor, as well as a talented Feng Shui Practitioner who instructs business owners and companies on ways to design their work and living spaces to foster balance, health and abundance.

Marie-France Dayan, herself, is dedicated to lifelong learning and growth. A native of Corsica, who grew up in France, she obtained her MBA at San Francisco University.

In addition, she has completed numerous continuing education programs including: Harmony Integration Life Coach Intensive Training; Quantum Leap; Neuro Linguistic Programming Intensive Training; Space Alignment Training; and Soul Coaching Intensive. She also holds a Feng Shui Practitioner certification.

Marie-France Dayan worked for many years in corporate America before relocating to Montreal, where she now lives and works.

Her motto is straightforward: “Creating a better life comes from making greater choices that empower us to move towards what we want to live.”

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    • San Francisco State University