marie gilbert

Writer, Life Coach, and Small Business Owner in Audubon, New Jersey

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I'm a published author who loves to write science fiction and paranormal stories.

My Roof Oasis Series is a science fiction/apocalyptic tale with a twist. The best way to describe my books is to think Romeo and Juliet meet The Walking Dead, written by Jules Verne.

The first four books of my series: Roof Oasis; Saving Solanda; Beware the Harvesters; Warriors in the Mist, may be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.

My true ghost story: Life with Fred and Lucy, The Two Ghosts in My Attic can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.

I am a professional blogger and you can find my review of films, television series and books on these two sites:

Gilbert Speaks:

Biff Bam Pop:

I am the South Jersey Italian psychic/medium who communicates with the dead. I offer spiritual advice using angel cards. I do professional ghost investigations in the South Jersey and surrounding areas. You can reach me at [email protected]

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