Mariela Narvaez

Author, Actress, and Pageant Queen in Aurora, IL

Mariela Narvaez

Author, Actress, and Pageant Queen in Aurora, IL

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Mariela Narváez is a Writer/published author, Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist, Actor, Intuitive, Ms. Illinois International 2022/Ms. Illinois USA Universe and presently Ms. USA Universe Global 2023.

Mariela Narváez graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a M.S. in Bilingual Speech Language Pathology from the University of Texas at El Paso. Mariela has certifications in Energy/Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Psychology, Quantum physics and Spiritual Life Coaching. Mariela has spoken on numerous topics such as: feminism, equality, discrimination, woman empowerment, sexual harassment, mental health and suicide prevention.

Mariela works as a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist at a medical clinic and in teletherapy servicing numerous school settings diagnosing and remediating communication disorders in young children. Mariela has three amazing children: Seth, Sienna and Syler- The Trinity- who are the inspiration for her book series “Starseed”.

Mariela brings culture, spirituality and gender/feminist perspectives to all her works. She is a lover of art— artist, writer, divine channel, and actress— she continues to express herself in all her creative endeavors. Mariela bridges her experience and knowledge to all her works, weaving unique stories that go beyond space and time that aim for inner transformation. When not writing, studying, working out, or meditating, she loves spending time with her family, partner and friends. Mariela enjoys acting alongside her son Syler, and partakes in many film/TV projects. They are both represented by The Rock Talent Agency in Chicago, IL.

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Twitter: @marielastarseed

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    • Starseeds Book Series
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    • University of Texas at El Paso