Mariko Casas

Oakland, California, United States

Hai :3

I am Mariko. I am from Oakland, California. I like to walk, eat healthy, practice fit lifestyle, and learn programming. I love attending LGBTQ groups, and any other groups that support humanity, and equal rights/opportunities.

I am transferring to UC Riverside (currently student at college of alameda). My major is computer science.

Familiarties: HTML, CSS, Javascript, limited php (im working on it ;))TwitterBootstrap, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite.

Qualities: LGBTQ, Transgender (mtf), fun, friendly, outgoing, nice, caring, and loving towards everyone (even enemies).

Goals: Create an online community, bringing public education towards well being, especially gender non conforming issue and health.

Aspirations: Make a difference in intuitively devloping an orginal and creative peer-to-peer online network community of equality driven folks, based on Python platform/Django Framework. (currently on design/structure phase)

  • #computerscience
  • #webdevelopment
  • #equality
  • #genderstudies
  • #lgbtq
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    • College of Alameda