Mari Luz García Archidona

My passion for creativity has always been there. Having lived, studied, and worked in different cities
around Europe, interacting with co-workers, fellow students and friends from around the world, I have been able to truly expand my horizons, both intellectually and culturally. I have drawn inspiration from it, and I have applied it in all of my projects and endeavors throughout my professional life. But it was not until the postgrad program in Innovation and Service Design at h2i that it dawned on me that this was the direction I wanted to take my professional career in.

Our world changes by the second. Logical thinking alone is not enough anymore to cope with an
increasingly complex and fast-paced environment, whether in business, politics or technology. The
need for creative problem-solving is rising. We need to combine creative thinking and disruptive
thinking in order to come up with new and innovative solutions for the world we live in today.

To help organizations, teams, and individuals think out-of-the-box, I use innovative methods such as
Design Thinking/Visual Thinking/LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, either independently or in collaboration with other experts in creative problem-solving. My mission is to unlock my clients’ full potential by
infusing empathy, creativity and rationality into their thinking, allowing them to grow their business
and achieve their personal goals.