Marina Camacho

Writer, Editor, and illustrator in Barcelona, España

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I've been a curious soul and mentally hungry since before I was born.

I have a degree in Cinema and Television, and my passion is writing.

But I'm not only interested in film writing, I am in the literature world too, so I write long and short stories. I also love creative documentaries, artistic direcction and being part of a postproduction process. My last but not least lover is illustration, and I'm always practicing and learning about it.

I'm a huge creative person, so my hobbies are to watch all the good tv shows from all over the world, to read everything that comes to my hands, to listen to old music, to write (not only scripts and stories, I also like to write things without any purpose or sense), to paint with chinese ink or just to draw. And of course, learn, learn and learn.

I'm addicted to the Internet, a passionate lover of female portraits and I'm secretly a fashion victim.