Marin Aleksov

Small Business Owner in Los Angeles, California

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Marin Aleksov founded Rosland Capital in 2008 and serves as the CEO.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Aleksov grew up playing hockey and traveled extensively around the world. Aleksov began his college studies in Sweden before moving to the United States as part of a study abroad program.

While attending college, he worked part time at Merit Financial and eventually made the move to full-time, working as a comptroller. Responsibilities included handling payroll and inventory control.

In 1999, Marin Aleksov moved to Lear Capital, serving as a Manager of Sales and Vice President. Aleksov worked at Lear until 2008 when he would form his own company, Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital is a precious metal asset firm, located in Los Angeles, California. The company currently employs about 70 people focused on helping individuals manage their net wealth.

Aleksov and Rosland strive to educate consumers on the benefits of buying precious metals.

Aleksov is often interviewed (LA Times, CBS News, The Street) and has twice been featured by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Marin Aleksov expanded Rosland Capital into the United Kingdom in 2014, and expects to see further expansion into Europe.

In 2016, Rosland Capital was named the official, exclusive distributor of the Formula 1® Coin Collection. In partnership with Stunt & Co. and PAMP, the collection celebrates five of the most well-known Formula 1® races: British Grand Prix, Gran Premio D’Italia, United States Grand Prix, Grande Prêmio do Brasil, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Coins in the collection included .25 oz. gold coins that were unique to each race as well as 2.5 and 5 oz. gold and silver coins, a gold kilo coin and 5 gold kilo coin.

"We are honored to be working with our friends at Stunt & Co. on this endeavor," said Marin Aleksov, Chief Executive Officer of LA-based Rosland Capital LLC. "The coins are not only a way to celebrate the races, but also a unique keepsake for coin collectors and Formula One fans alike. The history of the races are truly brought to life in the coin series."

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