Mario Sparrer

Project Manager and Consultant in Wien, Österreich

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My person

I see myself as a very communicative and sociable person who likes to actively discover new environments and take challenges. Talks with open minded people inspire and empower me to enthusiastically work on challenging but exciting things. As a loyal business partner and colleague I act in a very reliable and responsible way.

I love sailing on Lake Neusiedl to sort my thoughts and get inspired for new ideas as well as joining nature both on my bike or in my roadster.

I am a typical digital native and millennial who admires new technologies and lives contemporary leadership and the modern way of life. What I value most beside my family are my friends.


My values

• Openness

• Transparency

• Confidence

• Consideration

• Responsibility


My strengths

• Cooperation

• Improvisation

• Resilience

• Agility

• Empathy


My goals

• Personal development

• Self fulfilment

• Energizing people

• Doing something great with others

• Meaningful work


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