Mario Cantin

Consultant, Musician, and Small Business Owner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I can't go very long without creating something in some facet of my life. It could be writing a blog post, creating a new song, restoring a vintage brickwork building, working on my entrepreneurial aspirations, or something as simple as causing another to experience a positive feeling.

I'm a restorative mason experienced in delivering an artistic result. I write about it at Related to that, I'm the president of Invisible Tuckpointing Ltd., and a heritage consultant at Brickwork

Secondly, I write at Maximum about my personal experiences as a small business owner in creating added value for my customers as well as for myself based on what I have learned building my own company in the last 27 years.

Thirdly, I have developed a strong interest in technological innovations, which has lead me to eventually create the arguably failed side project, which was meant to allow for the discovery of inspiring stories from real people, in addition to hopefully help spread empathy. I continue to observe the tech sector and working on carving a niche into in for myself.

I sometimes write about my journey so far as a "technologist-in-the-making" at

Lastly, I'm a hobbyist musician & artist (composing, writing, arrangements, sound engineering & producing).