Mario Esposito

Public Speaker, Inventor, and Engineer in Seattle, Washington

Mario Esposito

Public Speaker, Inventor, and Engineer in Seattle, Washington

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I am a serial entrepreneur with proven visionary and execution skills.

Design consumer experiences (HW/SW) from the ideation through prototyping then to the final stage. That is my talent.

Building a team from scratch, leading with passion, and keeping them positively committed to the ultimate success is something that I have done a few times and very well.

I manage talents, but if it is necessary, I go confidently through {code}, electronics blueprints, or UX designs. Even duct tape if necessary. If it doesn't "ship," it never existed!

Whatever it takes to make it happen, that is my only mantra in life as in business: I have reliable and explosive creativity in generating value in the form of an experience and associated intellectual property.

Reportedly, at M$, they used to call me “Product Delivery Ninja" because of my obsession to keep iterating while releasing products.

Release To Market products *is* my thing. As any charismatic maker that understands business synergies and innovation dynamics, shipping is the key to drive toward further success and validation of what you think you know.

I have been an essential asset either in leading or co-inventing some amazing technologies. Like Hands Detection for XBOX ONE, AI gestures tools, or new touch screen gestures, feedback-driven by AI or fabrics that behave like washable electronics. In recent years I completely revolutionized the making and offering of iOS apps at Google.

I built and sold four startups out of 5. The 5th is currently running on its own, co-founded in 2010, SENSORIA INC, is leading in smart garments and body sensing technology for the wearable industry. Featured in hundreds of media outlets. Gartner listed it as the top cool vendor of 2015. I am proudly the inventor and father of Sensoria.

In December 2016, my favorite search engine, Google, made me an offer that I couldn't pass. A new adventure had begun!

On a personal note: I dress and cook like authentic Italian. When appropriate, I drink like a Russian rookie and have the work ethic of a German blue-collar while I talk business like an American.

That is the description of me by my better half, authentic Northwestern Victoria.

I learned early in life that it is not wise to count purely on personal observations. Therefore, I based my choices on a simple principle: In God, we trust others to bring data.

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