Mario Esposito

Public Speaker, Inventor, and Engineer in Seattle, Washington

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I am proven visionary, an engineer and a serial entrepreneur.

Design a consumer experience from the ideation through prototyping then to the final stage is my talent. Building a team from scratch, lead it by example and keep it positively committed to the ultimate success is something that I have done a few times. And well.

I manage, but if it is necessary, I go confidently through the code, PCBs, UX, even duct tape if necessary.

Whatever it takes to make it happen! That is my only mantra in life as in business: I have a solid and explosive creativity when it comes to creating value in the form of an experience and associated intellectual property.

At M$, they called me “Product Delivery Ninja". Release To Market products *is* my thing. I am a maker than understand business synergies and innovation cycles dynamics.

I have been an essential asset either in leading or co-inventing some amazing technologies. Like Hands Detection for XBOX ONE, Lasso for Bing Search to name a few. Nowadays I am publicly acknowledged as an IoT expert and blog about it.

In 2001, I founded my second startup KYWIX, which developed and sold a multi-featured iPad application, an e-textile technology and a revolutionary brick pizza oven among other things. I am a multidisciplinary intellectual by choice and natural skillset.

In 2010, I co-founded SENSORIA INC, a start-up that is leading in smart garments and body sensing technology for the wearable industry. Featured on hundreds of media outlet. Gartner listed it as top cool vendors of 2015. I am proudly the inventor and father of Sensoria.

In December 2015, my most favorite search engine, Google, got me and more. A new adventure has begun!

On the personal note: I dress and eat authentic Italian. Purely biased of course.

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