Marion Kane

food sleuth®, Writer, and Broadcaster in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Marion Kane has been a leader in the world of food journalism for several decades. Her love of spam fritters from the subsidized lunch menu at her grammar school growing up in North London U.K. is well known.

She is an intrepid populist whose work combines social commentary with a consuming passion for things culinary. She has a curiosity and a penchant for storytelling that lead her behind the scenes - into restaurant kitchens and into home cooks' hearts - on a path of discovery that educates and entertains.

For 18 years, she was food editor/columnist for The Toronto Star, Canada's largest newspaper. On that beat, she chewed the fat with celebrities like Julia Child who cooked her breakfast; Sophia Loren with whom she shared an intimate two-hour lunch; Nigella Lawson who dubbed the bond between them “kitchen cousins” and Keith Richards who relished and signed her full-page tribute to his favourite dish: shepherd's pie.

In 2007, Marion resigned from The Toronto Star to pursue the medium of audio podcasts with her lively series "Sittin' in the Kitchen®." This has become a popular, authoritative body of work.

These days, Marion likes to be known as "a seasoned food journalist” – a freelance Food Sleuth® who shares her wit, passion and love for the spoken and written word with a faithful, hungry audience.

Born in Montreal, she is back in Canada and based in Toronto. She still has not mastered the spam fritter but loves to cook – and especially bake cakes – in her Kensington Market kitchen.