Mario Villegas


A professional management consultant, Mario Villegas is the owner of the Twilium Management Group, Seattle, a group which is sourced by full service restaurants, hospitality companies and food services. He is extremely dedicated, reliable and dependable personality, exhibits high levels of common sense with the ability to creative and out of the box thinking to help complex challenges.

He has years of experience in this industry and is passionate about determining operational incompetence and influencing analytical thinking to flawlessly coordinate new methods, procedures and processes that effect how the money adds up.

As a president at Twilium Management Group, his key responsibilities includes providing training to managers for new techniques and systems, educating ownership groups including senior management on viable use of POS reports to track stock, profit centers and sales. Mario Villegas serves as a coach and mentor for managers and support groups in service standards and performance improvements.

The operation and profit achievements of marioincludes the spectrum, feasibility study for the development for all restaurants, developed new restaurants and kitchen concept and analysis and competitive repositioning of food service operations and key restaurants at at Chanberi and hotel Hilton, Madrid, Spain, respectively.

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