Mari Rodriguez

Mari Rodriguez

Aspiring Angel and Avid Daydreamer..Mari Rodriguez was born in Panama City, Panama.
To a young 17 year old impoverished mother and father. When She Was 8 her mother remarried and the family immigrated to the United States. As a young girl living in Panama..Mari watched as her family made and sold Goods, Foods and Snacks; like colored Candy Popcorn and Snow Cones.

When she was in the 6th grade Mari was already a Budding Entrepreneur. Selling Bubble Gum and Candy out of her backpack for 10 cents to her classmates. Not knowing that her sales skills,warm spirit , patience and easy ability to get along and communicate with others, would serve her well later. By the time she was in High School her family had lost Everything and Declared Bankruptcy.

Things were tight to say the least. Once Again the Little Entrepreneur in Mari had to Rare her Pretty Little Head and started selling Candy once again.This Time Long Fruity Candy Canes and Big Candy Bars - Only This Time to High Schoolers.

Over the Span of 21 years Mari Has Owned and Operated several Successful Businesses On and Offline. One of Her Many Accomplishments Is Surviving and Operating a Child Daycare for 10 Years. After Being a Preschool Teacher and having to teach the ABC's & 123's to 21 Preschoolers and Changing Diapers all in one sitting.

Mari is Currently working on a Lot of Exciting Projects On and Off the Net. Using Her Engaging and Extraordinary Warm personality, to Motivate and Inspire Women , Young Women and Men to Dream Big and Reach for the Stars.