Marisa Marcos Martin

Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant in London, United Kingdom

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My path: started explaining stories (journalist) then I evolved into wanting to persuade others (copywriter, blogger, e-commerce manager and digital marketeer: emailing, affiliation, SEO, UX, PPC, etc). Then I make the decision of taking the best of the two worlds to become a content & SM consultant who focuses on building and strengthening relationships that add value to your organization.

Some facts and numbers:

• Implemented enhancements to clients’ website that increased customer list by 25% between 2016 and 2019
• Optimized SEO for entire website, including an online store, resulting in a 60% traffic increase
• Set a new record on Valentine’s Day sales growing a 30% Vs 2013
• Developed and implemented social media strategy, increasing Facebook reach over 80% in two out of six markets (ESP & UK)
• Orchestrated the successful launch of the social media marketing campaign; igniting award-winning results (awarded to top 1O start-up projects on SeedRocket 2013)
• Get more than a 1000 new app downloads in one event: creating a contest in Barcelona Marathon Trade show

Working on a project about children privacy. Interested? Let me know