Marissa Elman

Fashion and Photography Enthusiast in Youngstown, Ohio

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Marissa Elman is passionate about the presence of art in modern culture. She has embraced photography in particular as a medium unmatched by any other in its ability to preserve a fleeting moment -- and yet, depending on both the photographer and the viewer, there are endless ways to angle and ultimately interpret these moments.

Marissa has followed the evolution of photography in our increasingly technologically savvy world, and enjoys learning about the latest techniques.

She believes that the best way to produce beautiful art is to never stop learning from every source possible. Marissa Elman draws inspiration from the natural world around her, the small moments between family, friends, and people she passes on the streets, as well as the work of the many artists she admires.

Marissa Elman's personal obsession is fashion. The striking colors, bold shapes, new designs, and architectural visual impact of creative fashion never fails to capture Marissa's imagination and set her reaching for her camera. She is in love with the idea of high-concept art that is so practical that it can be worn on a daily basis and become part of each person's personal identity in a way few other mediums can.

Outside of these interests, Marissa Elman enjoys exercising, finding healthy recipes, and setting the sails for a productive lifestyle.

She believes strongly that to be our most creative, happy selves we must be healthy on every level, both mental and physical. Marissa is always looking for new recipes and health tricks to help her feel her best and give her family the gift of feeling good.

Although she hopes to travel, for now you can find Marissa Elman with the beautiful clothes that inspire her and a camera around her neck.