Marita Gray

Alsace, France and the Basel region, Switzerland

I am Marita Gray, British born and educated, and I have lived in Alsace since 1999.

Academically, I have an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Colour Chemistry (University of Leeds), where I also benefitted from 3 years post graduate experience. Later in my career, I won a scholarship to Cranfield University, where I gained my M.B.A.

While living in England, I always worked for technical manufacturing businesses. My experience, from working in pure research, technical sales, marketing, new market development, and new product development has always been within the business to business sector.

Since moving to Alsace, I have worked as a business English language trainer to managers and scientists from many different businesses and with all levels of English, from “beginner” to “advanced.”

I also offer workshops for individuals, and groups, in the following areas:

Report Writing in English, - complete reports, commercial and technical.

Business English for Meetings – how to make your point, interrupt and contradict politely

Business English for Presentations – Developing professional ability to present with confidence and

persuasiveness; the correct use of English language.

Sales Prospecting by telephone – research the client, and how to approach a potential client to ensure the maximum possibility of a successful sale.

English style Curriculum Vitae – for professionals from all functions and levels.

I really enjoy doing this work and will be happy to create workshops for other uses of business English as required.