Maritime Drilling School

Education in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Maritime Drilling School offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their Roughneck Training. An industry accredited Post Secondary Private Career College, Maritime Drilling Schools Limited offers a unique focus in the oil & gas drilling industry. Students who take the Roughneck Training will be equipped with skills and knowledge of safety in the everchanging industry that will give them a strong chance of finding a career in the industry upon graduation. Founder Reg MacDonald knows this first hand. He started working in a kitchen on an offshore oil rig but worked his way through the industry having his hand in nearly every job. He has worked on every type of land and offshore rig made and his experience have made him one of the most elite IADC drilling instructors in all of Canada. The Roughneck Training is a 20 day course that will put individuals from all walks of life in the many positions of a rig and give valuable knowledge to their students in a multi-faceted approach.

Maritime Drilling School is a fantastic institution that helps individuals find employment after taking their Roughneck training program. MDS Limited runs a 20 day program that gives students certifications for the industry and unique training to outfit each graduate with the tools of how to operate on an oil rig. This is done through mountains of hands on experience and safetry protocols and techniques that prepare students for the fast pased and demanding environment.

About The Oil & Gas Industry:

The oil/petroleum industry globally entails exploring, extracting, refining, and marketing oil products. The primary function of the oil and gas industry is to supply gasoline and fuel to consumers as well as other products like plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and solvents. The industry is divided into three main categories: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Oil is one of the most relied upon resources in the world. Many countries and their economies are reliant on oil to supply their energy. While Europe and Asia only rely on oil for 32% of their energy, the Middle East relies on over half of their energy from the oil and gas industry.

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