Mariya Swanson

Relationship Developer in Austin, Texas


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I am essentially a Relationship Developer.

As a love coach (my passion project), I foster clients' relationships with themselves, so they are empowered to achieve fulfilment in their relationships with others.

(And even in my day job, as a technical assistant at a digital marketing agency, I work on developing relationships between our clients and their customers and prospects, as well as the relationships with our own clients and prospects, and between myself and my colleagues. Not to mention my personal relationships...)



Teamed up with Kuware, 2017

Launched my coaching practice, 2015

Thought about starting an eco-hostel, 2014

Moved to Austin, TX, 2013

Founded Rex-Treks, 2012 (Sold, 2013)

Studied canine behavior, 2006-14

Traveled - Key West, Europe, West Coast US, Costa Rica, Hawai'i - 2004-06

Earned a BS from Central Washington University in Business Administration - Magna Cum Laude, 2004

Became a Travel Agent, 2000

Busted some moves on the Shorecrest Dance Team, 1994-98; co-captain '96-98

Born, Seattle, WA, 1980


(Full disclosure: Photo taken in 2008. I'm way overdue for another photo shoot...)

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