Mariya Swanson

Love Coach and Freedom Facilitator in Austin, Texas


That is my mission.

That, and freedom - more for me, and more for you :)




As a Freedom Facilitator in my wellness business, I expand my own freedom by expanding the freedom of others; helping folks who feel trapped in their jobs, to transition into self-employment with a sustainable wellness business of their own.


I am also a Love Coach, guiding independent women (partnered or single) to their success in love, by way of The Path to Interdependence.


Mostly though, I connect with people, and do whatever I can to support them on their journeys; offering encouragement, insights, and even synergistic connections within my network.

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Partnered with Melaleuca, 2015

Launched my coaching practice, 2015

Thought about starting an eco-hostel, 2014

Moved to Austin, TX, 2013

Founded Rex-Treks, 2012 (Sold, 2013)

Studied canine behavior, 2006-14

Traveled - Key West, Europe, West Coast US, Costa Rica, Hawai'i - 2004-06

Earned a BS from Central Washington University in Business Administration - Magna Cum Laude, 2004

Became a Travel Agent, 2000

Busted some moves on the Shorecrest Dance Team, 1994-1998; co-captain '96-'98

Born, Seattle, WA, 1980


(Full disclosure: Photo taken in 2008. I need to do another pro shoot...)