Mark Catanzariti

Hi, my name is Mark.

I’m a designer specialising in the design and implementation of strategic and user-friendly UX and UI design for web and digital media.

With experience in print, digital and social media, my design career spans a decade across numerous industries from print media for musicians including Matt Corby, 5 Seconds of Summer and Ministry of Sound, to developing online content for Channel Ten, Rode Microphones and Coles, to name a few.

In today’s digital age it is no longer good enough to just make something look pretty. It needs to be functional and deliver on the strategic vision of the client without the end user even realising.

My passion is taking on this challenge and producing work that delivers a seamless user experience that just makes sense, while ensuring it remains visually engaging.I am the co-founder of experience-commerce startup Loqules and the UX/UI designer for Rode Microphones.

My portfolio is available at free to email me if you would like to get in touch